The movie business book

Edited by Jason e. squire



        “If anyone is still crazy enough to want to be in the movie business, they should absolutely read this book!"

    Tom Rothman

     Chairman, Motion Picture Group

            Sony Pictures Entertainment

        “This book covers all the bases for anyone interested in film, from running a studio to distributing your own indie film. Squire has assembled an impressive group of professionals who make their living making movies. Who better to learn from?”

    Mary Sweeney

    Chair, Film Independent Board of Directors

        “As storytellers, it’s vital to know both creative and business issues. This book is a valuable source for navigating your career.”

    Stan Lee

    Founder, Chief Creative Officer

            POW! Entertainment

        “A valuable book full of smarts and straight talk. I use it in my class at USC.”

    Leonard Maltin

    Film Critic and Historian


        Tapping experts in an industry experiencing major disruptions, The Movie Business Book is the authoritative, comp-rehensive sourcebook, covering online micro-budget movies to theatrical tentpoles.

        Because barriers to entry are disappear-ing, this must-read is for students, industry newcomers, young professionals and movie buffs.

        This book pulls back the veil of secrecy on producing, marketing and distributing, including business models, dealmaking, release windows, revenue streams, studio accounting, DIY online self-distribution and more.

        First-hand, insider accounts serve as primary references involving negotiations, management decisions, workflow, intuition and instinct, from the unique vantage-point of world-class talent and executives.

       The Movie Business Book is an essential guide for those launching or advancing careers in the global media marketplace

        Here’s a photo from the launch at Barnes & Noble at The Grove, Los Angeles:

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Top row:

Green Hasson Janks Accountants studio auditor Ilan Haimoff;

Film festival consultant Steve Montal;

UCLA Professor and Associate Dean, Entrepreneurship, Barbara Boyle;

Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios Alan Horn;

USC Associate Professor and MBB4 editor Jason E. Squire;

Gersh Agency Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, Stephen M. Kravit;

President, Warner Bros. Pictures Worldwide Marketing, Blair Rich;

President, Global Strategy & Business Affairs, RRKidz, Inc., Linda Benjamin

Bottom row:

Screen Engine/ASI Founder and CEO Kevin Goetz;

President, UniFi Completion Guarantors Steve Mangel;

Producer (including two Sundance 2016 premieres) Eric B. Fleischman.


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